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STEM Resources

Art of Problem Solving – for high-performing Math students.

BrainPop – “BrainPOP creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. Our award-winning online educational resources include BrainPOP Jr.(K-3), BrainPOPBrainPOP Español, and, for English language learners, BrainPOP ESL. BrainPOP is also home to GameUp, a new, free educational games portal for the classroom.”

Circuit Playground – fun videos to teach kids about circuits! If your kids like to color, they have a coloring book too. – “Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code.”

Design Squad – hands-on engineering/design your world, for kids to build projects, watch other kids designing projects and collect stickers, parents and teacher references

Discovery Education – Siemen’s Science Day – “The Siemens Science Day website offers a variety of tools and resources that will help you reinvent science class. You’ll find new, original hands-on activities and supporting videos, a teacher support center with best practice guides, monthly themes and an Ultimate Cool School sweepstakes.”

Dragonfly – fun videos for kids

Educational Technology Blogs – “a listing of some of the most popular, controversial, or informative blogs.”

Elements of Mathematics – ” establishes foundational concepts that allow the suitably talented child to progress quickly through material for which others would require significant drill and practice.”

FOSSweb – “FOSS is a research-based science curriculum for grades K—8 developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley. FOSS is also an ongoing research project dedicated to improving the learning and teaching of science.”

Get S.E.T. for Science, Engineering and Technology including Design, Robotics, Electricity and Construction

Hacker Scouts – “Hacker Scouts is a national non profit organization, founded in the Fall of 2012 in Oakland CA, that focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education, skill building and community engagement with the aspiration to help our children develop skills in the areas they are truly interested in, abilities that would allow them to dream big and create big.”

How to Smile – best of science and math activities

Journal of STEM Education – “a half yearly, peer-reviewed publication for educators in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.”

Khan Academy – “With a library of over 3,500 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practicewe’re on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.” – “We help K-12 teachers and administrators improve student performance on one open platform: We bring together all the content, tools and services you need.”

One Place SC – Discovery Streaming, PBS, know it all, e-media, etc – FREE for homeschoolers in SC.

Massachussetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education STEM Curriculum Framework

NASA for Educators

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

National Science Foundation

PBS STEM for Teachers – “PBS offers all Americans the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning through television and online content. On-line broadband access and digital media are dramatically changing the opportunities available to the nation’s educators improving STEM education. Our recent national educator survey (Grunwald, 2009) indicates that more teachers than ever before are turning to digital media resources to help their students understand concepts, practice new skills and engage in exciting, authentic learning experiences.”

Physics Comic Books – “For years, PhysicsCentral has been engaging children (and children at heart) with our physics-based comic books. Most recently, we’ve written and illustrated the Spectra series following the titular middle school superhero with all of the powers of a laser beam. Comics one through four can be read online for free, and the fifth book will be released in 2013. Additionally, you can read our popular 2008 comic that pitted Thomas Edison versus the unsung hero of electricity and magnetism: Nikola Tesla. Just click on any of the comics below to read them online. ”

Physics Quest – “PhysicsQuest is a story-based activity that exposes middle school students to the fun and relevance of science. APS provides a free PhysicsQuest kit to registered 6-9th grade physical science classes, home school groups, science clubs, and after-school programs. The kit includes a user’s manual and materials for four physics experiments.”

Pre-Engineering Camps in SC

Reports and Research on Educational Technology

Science Buddies – “The award-winning, non-profit Science Buddies empowers K-12 students, parents, and teachers to quickly and easily find free project ideas and help in all areas of science from physics to food science and music to microbiology. Whether your goal is to find a fun science activity for your kids or win the international science fair, puts comprehensive, scientist-authored tools, tips, and techniques at your fingertips.”

Scratch -“As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.”

Teacher’s Domain – “… thousands of media resources, support materials, and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs, and teacher professional learning communities.”

Teaching Channel – “…is a video showcase — on the Internet and TV — of innovative and effective teaching practices in America’s schools.”

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation


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