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Our Handbook

Students are expected to:

  • arrive on time to class
  • attend all classes for which they have registered
  • complete weekly homework assignments
  • understand that if they are a source of distraction for their classmates, they may be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the semester
  • engage in a quiet activity in our facility if not attending class and not roam unsupervised through the coop’s location
  • be responsible, diligent, respectful and dedicated.

Parents are expected to:

  • register their children with School of the Minds at the beginning of each year
  • pay the teacher directly for the complete fees for classes on the first day of instruction
  • notify the teacher if students must miss or be late for class
  • be present at the coop with their children at all times (or, they can arrange for another parent or trusted guardian who can be present in their absence to take responsibility for their children in case of emergency)
  • assist in the cleanup of the facility and after their own children
  • be responsible for their children’s behavior and help them behave appropriately for our homeschool setting
  • not gossip about each other or each other’s children
  • talk to the teacher or administrator directly should a problem arise
  • understand that if they don’t comply with these policies, it may result in their withdrawal from School of the Minds
  • understand that School of the Minds is a homeschool coop that meets several times a week.  We offer classes that our homeschool families otherwise may not have the opportunity to do at home.  Our classes are not substitutes for a complete homeschool curriculum.

Instructors are expected to:

  • remind parents that their class fees are non-refundable
  • be responsible for collecting their class fees directly from parents
  • make sure that payments are all in BEFORE the first week of class
  • keep their own accounts
  • speak directly to parents should there be a payment issue
  • understand that our coop cannot cover lost expenses
  • be ready and present for their scheduled class
  • give students weekly homework
  • notify parents and students if they are unable to attend.  In addition, they can arrange for a substitute teacher who will need to be approved by the coop, arrange another class for another day or cancel the class all together.  Teachers are allowed one sick day per semester.  Should additional absences arise, the teacher will refund pro-rated class fees.
  • be responsible for their class.  However, a coop member will always be available to assist teachers during classes.
  • be responsible for returning a child to his or her parent for the remainder of class (or the semester), if they become a distraction.


In case of bad weather,  an e-mail will be sent out to all families before 9am on the morning.  


We will communicate through our Facebook page.

Should conflicts arise, our conflict resolution policy is as follows:

  1. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Speak directly to the person involved in a private setting.
  3. If the issue cannot be resolved, bring in a coop administrator to facilitate and mediate between you.


Just as we are committed to academic excellence, we also are passionate about the food we feed our families.  Please avoid bringing any processed junk foods or sodas for lunches at our coop.  Any known allergies must be reported to the coop and everyone must be careful not to bring lunches with ingredients that cause allergic reactions to one of our students.  Children may play outside during lunch, but they need to be supervised by their parents/guardians.


Throughout the year, photos and videos will be taken of our children.  Should there be images of your children with other School of the Minds students, please do not distribute them by e-mail, social media or on the internet without consent of all parents concerned.  Images should never be distributed with any information that identifies our children’s name, address or age.

Note:School of the Minds administration has the right to refuse registration at their discretion, excluding on the bases of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. School of the Minds administration also has the right to terminate membership in this coop at their discretion, excluding on the bases of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.


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