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Recognitions and Recommendations



With the help of Home Depot, we donated a Little Free Library to the Irmo Community Park. We had a ribbon-cutting event with the Town of Irmo Council Members present.



One of our students was spotlighted on TEDEd Club’s Newsletter in April and added to TEDEd Clubs’ YouTube Picks Playlist. This same student participated in TEDxYouth@Columbia’s TEDxYouthWeekend and the inaugural TEDEd Weekend Event.


Please fast forward to 25:45 to view the LIVE STREAM presentation from our SOTM TEDEd Club Member!

Partner with Alliance Homeschool Association (accountability option) and ACHIEVE (support group)


SOTM TED-Ed Club approved by TEDed Clubs

School of the Minds is chosen to be TEDxYouth@ColumbiaSC Ambassador


Officially sponsored by Alliance Homeschool Accountability Association.

School of the Minds art exhibition at the Columbia Museum of Art.


School of the Minds Junior FLL Team awarded for their group work at State Championships.

Invited to participate in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) School Support Program (3SP) of South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science



A Kindergartner dedicates a poem and artwork to School of the Minds on her blog


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