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Open Project Fair Summer 2017

Mixed Media ArtIMG_5072003

Amelia Earhart


The History of Video Game Consoles


Emma Watson


LEGO Car Building and Contest




Literature Fair Spring 2017

J. K. Rowling


Dolly Parton


Good Luck Ivy


Aloha Kanani





The Inheritance Cycle

Photo May 16, 10 14 09003

Hydraulic Can Crusher Workshop with The Rumble Lab

The Rumble Lab Workshop!

Playing Hydraulic Thumb War


Learning about Pascal’s Law

Now what happens when we use one small syringe and one bigger one? Which one is stronger?

How to Build a Hydraulic Can Crusher

Did it work?



Thank you Moultrie and The Rumble Lab! It was so much fun!

King Arthur Bake for Good Program 2017



We received our 20 bags from Ms. Paula Gray and went to work!

Just like last year, we donated to the Senior Resource downtown for their Meals on Wheels program!


Thank you King Arthur Flour! We LOVE your Bake for Good Program!


Spring 2017 Week 17

Introduction to World History

A Conclusion to this Unit and a Discussion of Christianity

A lesson on Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (with a Jelly Bean Bingo game)


Field Trip to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church


Travelling with Doctor Who Fall 2017

Travelling with Doctor Who with Carissa Leventis-Cox – 30 minute classes

As with all my other classes, this will NOT be an INSTRUCTIONAL class but a PROJECT BASED HOMESCHOOLING CLASS. We will use episodes from Doctor Who to inspire individual historical research and group discussion in class. The students will be required to do homework (watch the episodes and research) and share their new knowledge in class in order to create a vibrant sharing and learning experience for all.
For the 8 weeks, we will be studying the following:
1. Fires of Pompeii 79 AD
2. The Shakespeare Code 1564-1616
3. Tooth and Claw à Queen Victoria 1837-1901
4. Vincent and the Doctor 1853-1890
5. Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks ~ 1930s Great Depression
6. Let’s Kill Hitler 1889 – 1945
7. Unicorn and the Wasp ~ Agatha Christie 1890 – 1976
8. Victory of the Daleks ~ Winston Churchill and WW2 1939-1945
There may be episodes that the more sensitive child may be unable to watch and that is ok. They can add to the discussion about the history/geography as it relates to our topic each week by researching on their own or watching other videos related to the subject. I will be giving out a set of possible questions that the students may find interesting but I would encourage the students to research on their own and find tidbits of history that THEY find interesting. It is important for me that gifted kids are given more independence in their research than follow a set guideline. Some research questions, for example, would be: what’s your favourite quote by Shakespeare, what’s your favourite fact about him, what date do you think is important about him and why, and/or bring something you think people ate/dressed in/used back then.

Poetry Fall 2017

For upper elementary and middle school with Ms. Jennifer

During this eight week poetry unit, I will help students to identify different literary devices found in poetry and to understand and discuss how these devices add to the meanings of the various poems we read. Students will be expected to read and respond to one poem before each class. I will provide the poem and a specific question for each poem prior to each class on the SOTM events page, and students can elect to provide a written response in the comments on the post or create a visual that illustrates their answer to bring to class. For our final meeting, students will recite a poem at least four lines in length and share why they chose this poem to recite.

Other skills we will be working on are note taking and listening and responding to peers. At the beginning of each class I will introduce a different literary term or poetic device and have the students record the definition in a notebook I provide for them. The only supplies they will need are pencils and a folder for the copies of the poems we discuss.