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Jensen Music


Megan Jensen is a music teacher, singer, and pianist. She received her Bachelors of Music Education from the University of South Carolina Aiken in 2008. She has been performing professionally and teaching private music lessons for 15 years. After graduating, Megan worked as music director at East Aiken School of the Arts, where she helped lead the initiative to become an arts-integrated magnet school, teaching students core subjects through the arts. She also directed several musicals, including School House Rock, Jr. and Annie, Jr. Megan and her family moved to Leesville, SC in the Fall of 2014. During the summer of 2015, she started a small private teaching studio. The community of Saluda welcomed her with open arms. Today, she teaches more than twenty students per week, and the studio offers voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele lessons. She enjoys helping students reach their full potential as they learn skills that help them become lifelong musicians, learners, and advocates for the arts. 

Jessica Drew Photography


Revive Holistic Health


We are a holistic health company that focuses on using various modalities to aid the body’s natural healing process. We help identify root causes for an unwell body and help guide our clients through their healing journey.

Spanish Teacher: Christopher Thornburg


Christopher teaches Spanish through language led playtime. He suggests 3 sessions per week for 1/2 hour via Skype.


Spring 2018 Week 8 and 9

The Wizard Room @ Escape Plan Columbia

70% failure rate but the kids got out a minute before time was up!

ITology Class: Tech Explorers

Art Class


Younger Siblings Classes

Mindfulness with Ms. Jess, Music with Ms. Megan, and Logic with Ms. Jessica

Older Siblings Classes

Creativity Games with Ms. Carissa, Manners and Etiquette Jeopardy with Ms. Mary Beth, Current Events with Ms. Elizabeth

And Park Days too!


Spring 2018 Week 5

Two Sides to Every Coin with Ms. Carissa


Music with Ms. Megan

Mindfulness: with Ms. Jess

Manners and Etiquette with Ms. Mary Beth

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with Ms. Casey


Spring 2018 Week 4

Think Outside-the-Box with Ms. Carissa

Mood in Music with Ms. Megan and Ms. Mary Beth

Mindfulness: Focusing on Taste and Smell (Chocolate!) with Ms. Jess

Manners and Etiquette with Ms. Mary Beth

Fall 2016 Week 8 and 9

TEDEd Club

Younger Sibling’s Class

Lots of music with Ms. Jessica!


Sewing with Ms. Casey

Drawing and LEGOs


Field Trips


Election Day


And the winner is…

Fall 2016 Week 4


Music with Ms. Jessica

TEDEd Club

Learning to give and receive feedback

Working on our IDEA Book

Sharing our favorite talks


DIY Club

Eggs in Different Densities of Water with Ms. Casey

Making Slime, Drawing, Horror Video Clip, Snow Cones


Cultural Geography Fair

please click here for our videos

Spring 2016 Day 15

Book Club: A Year Down Yonder


Kate Smith Music Video!

Reba Pensinger at the Halloween party


DIY Club

Light Sabers


A Frog Pet


LEGO Airplanes


Flowers In Nature


Drawing a Tessellation Dragon


And don’t forget to watch the videos from our Notables After Noon Fair!

February 2016 Project Fair

Annie, the Broadway Musical


Victorian Homes




Facts about Pokemon


Fall 2015 Week 10


The kids are improving their presentations weekly now.

Boy Scouts how to draw super heroes Untitled Music FX 8 year olds Blackholes Vision Therapy Physics and Dance


We had a lot of shares this week: an image of K’s ear prior to surgery, clarinet playing, a painting of the Eclipse, learning how to use a green screen, more videos!

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Photo Oct 05, 18 57 43
Photo Oct 08, 13 18 54  Photo Oct 08, 13 22 17 Photo Oct 08, 13 22 22

Fall 2015 Week 9


Working on our Presentations!

8 year olds Blackholes FX Music Vision Therapy Physics and Dance how to draw super heroesBoy ScoutsMovies20151001_123603004 20151001_124007005 20151001_124445007 20151001_124627008 20151001_125457006 20151001_125802003


Working on screwing a towel rack in place at home, more Minecraft how-to videos, LEGO and LEGO coloring

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