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Spring 2015 Week 8



The kids are showing more independent choices in what they choose to do, but collaborating, helping, and inspiring each other too.

We had 2 boys throwing ball and training.

We had lots of drawing this time: designs, 3D, and Tardis.

20150319_124825011 20150319_124833004 20150319_13020900820150319_143448012

Some questions, like: which will shoot higher?




And lots of moustaches (wish I took more photos…).


Watching this


A catapult.


And creating a YouTube channel and posting videos on his own!

Check out his other videos here!


It’s Up For Debate

 We ended our Debate classes with a lot of practice.

We had a GREAT time guiding the kids and listening to what they said.

We also went on a field trip to our local court to watch debate in action. Some of us even met the judge, Judge Epting.



Thursday’s homework:

Review lesson 4- 6.   We have test next Thursday!

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