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Spring 2015 Week 7



More collaboration


20150312_124324003 20150312_124747005

More Action FX


It’s Up For Debate

Learning how to dialogue in a debate. We used the following topics today:

Boy Who Cried Wolf: The Villagers were justified in not coming when the Boy cried Wolf the third time.

Commercials like this are BAD because they make kids want to eat CANDY!

Darth Vader is ultimately a GOOD person because he saved his son’s life in the end.

The Dad was BAD because he TRICKED his son into believing he had THE FORCE, when actually he did not.


Thursday’s homework:

Exercise book A  Lesson 6 Wednesday–Friday
Text book          Review (二)
Friday’s homework:
1. Memorize how to say: 你几岁?      岁。
2.Recognize 10 characters:                                           


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