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Spring 2015 Week 2



Allowing the kids time to figure out what they want to do.

Interests included: the Coke and Mentos experiment, looking for more sticks, Medieval castles and weaponry, creating a Doctor Who and Star Wars movie.

It’s Up For Debate

We allowed the kids to present their own persuasive arguments.

The kids conducted their very first debate:

Homeschool is awesome vs. Homeschool is not so awesome


Homework: please think of interesting debate topics and share next week.


Practice Good Manners 讲礼貌

Homework: 1. Know Manner words (你好!请坐。谢谢!不用谢!or 不客气! 对不起。没关系。再见!)
                      2. know how to write  “用,记,请,谢,对,起,没,关,系,再, 做, 孩“
                      3. Exercise book B lesson 4 :Monday — Wednesday

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