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Fall 2014: Week 6




1.Continue to practice “xiao xing xing”
2.Remember HEAD and EYES ” tou” “yan jing”
3.Practice “zao shang hao” “wan shang hao” “wan an”
                 “ni jiao shen me ming zi?” ” wo jiao –“
Advanced Beginners
Exercise book A lesson 11 : MondayWednesday
Engineering: Submersibles
The kids created their own Submarines and tested them.



We had a small group this week due to weather.

We continue to work in creating a CHILD-LED PROJECT-BASED DIY group. This is a group that allows children time to share their passions with one another as they create their own projects.

Photo Sep 19, 12 27 40003 Photo Sep 19, 16 49 07004

The kids foraged for Wild Edibles with Matt Kip.

Photo Sep 17, 20 15 12006


Our Geography Fair is on Tuesday!

Our students are also currently participating in a virtual Doctor Who Script to Screen class and we start a LEARNING MATH THROUGH GAMES class starting in October!


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