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Fall 2014: Week 4





Advanced Beginners

Homework: Lesson 10 Exercise book B Monday to Wednesday.

IMG_3134007 IMG_3135004 IMG_3137006 IMG_3139005 IMG_3140003

Engineering: Submersibles

Testing different parts of our submersible: will it sink or float?


Sharing Ocean Deep interests: Coral Reefs, Volcanoes, Gulper Eel, Vampire Squid, Viperfish and Whales

IMG_3141005 IMG_3142007 IMG_3143009 IMG_3144006 IMG_3145004 IMG_3146008

No homework!


LEGO Challenge and Cardboarding

IMG_3150003 IMG_3152004 IMG_3160006 IMG_3161007 IMG_3162005

Next week: papercrafter challenges. Choose one of them and bring your materials!


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