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Fall 2014: Week 1



IMG_2733004 IMG_2734003

Advanced Beginner Homework: (1)exercise book A Thursday and Friday. (2) textbook review 3.

Engineering: Submersibles

We discussed the Ocean and did a float/sink experiment.


Please watch this video with your children and discuss why Ocean Engineering is important.

Homework: please read the book. The questions are not compulsory. (I sent the link to you via email.)

Please show them the photos of Santorini in this link.

DIY: Sailing Challenges

Knots (Figure 8, Cleat Hitch, Bollen) and Parts of the Sailboat

IMG_5690006 IMG_5696009 IMG_5698010 IMG_5701008 IMG_5702012 IMG_5703011 IMG_5710007

Challenges next week: Archery and what to do when you capsize?


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