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Summer 2014: Science on Stage (Science Superheroes)


Science on Stage included a personalized script that the students created with the help of Ms. Melissa Ellington, and very cool experiments by Mr. Robert Ellington that included inclined planes, levers, wheel and axles, the periodic table, carbon dioxide, pouring gases and fire!


Garden Girl


Spirotag and Dyno Rang


Amazing Library Girl, Survivor Man, Taylor the Fairy


Death Rider with his Wheel and Axle


The Inclined Plane


What do plants need? Water, soil, and carbon dioxide!


Our Science Superheroes!

Now watch Mr. Robert at work!


Can you light a candle from far away? Pouring gases…


Playing with Dry Ice



Changing colors!



  1. Elizabeth says:

    Science on Stage is a great example of why we choose to be a home-educating family. Our children enjoy the best of the best. Dr. Ellington did an amazing job working with our children & the children were inspired to do their very best. Raising children is a vocation steeped in joy & responsibility. The weight of the responsibility is so much lighter with exceptional opportunities provided by School of the Minds. Thank you Carissa, De. Ellington, & our mad scientist for such a rich experience.

  2. Laura says:

    Elizabeth, I could not have said it better myself. Thank you School of the Minds and most importantly to Melissa and Robert for their expertise and inspiration!!! My kids loved everything about the experience!

  3. The kids looked absolutely WONDERFUL! School of the Minds and the Ellington’s did a FANTASTIC job!

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