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Spring 2014 Week 14


Our Final Week this Spring! Thank you to all the families who make it possible!


The kids reviewed and took their Mid-Term Exam. In 14 weeks, they have learned 80 characters and various phrases. No homework this week.



Forestry Challenges: Identifiy Local Trees, Measure the Height of a Tree, Calculate a Tree’s Age.

IMG_3610005 IMG_3601004 IMG_3584007 IMG_3570006 IMG_3576003

Foraging Challenges: Identifying Wild Edibles and munching on sorrel, pine, sweet briar, baby muscadine leaves, smilax, violet flowers, and dandelion leaves with Matt Kip.

IMG_3696013013 IMG_3687012012 IMG_3689011015 IMG_3686014014 IMG_3682010009 IMG_3668006011 IMG_3677009008 IMG_3647004010


Finishing up their comic strips.

IMG_6823005 IMG_6824006 IMG_6825003 IMG_6826004

CSI and Film Animation

continues in the coming weeks…


Join us for Notables at Noon!

This year, we have Dana Carvey, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, St. Michael, Walt Disney, Edgar Allan Poe and Johnny Appleseed.


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