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The Secrets of the Scientists


The Secrets of the Scientists: a homeschool fair where students can share their scientific, technology and/or engineering passions.

What: a homeschool science fair in conjunction with The Dino Club of SC

When: Monday, January 27, 2014


11:00 set up

11:15 students have time to look closely at other presentations

11:30 presentations start promptly

Where: Lexington, SC


Capacity: 12 students, any age k-12 (8 kids/groups already signed up, 4 spots remaining)

Preparation: students will create a 5-7 minute presentation on a topic related to science, technology and/or engineering (if kids choose to work together on a project, they get 5-7 minutes as a group to present)


For Research Based Presentations, include the following when appropriate:

A. Title

B. Statement of what was researched (i.e. topic) and why you chose it.

C. Research – history of subject matter, including key challenges faced by those creating the subject matter, current uses for subject matter and impact upon society.

D. Prediction – student envision as the future technology/use/design of the subject matter and the expected positive and negative consequences of this new technology on society.

E. Design Process – explanation of how the student would create the future version of the subject matter.

F. Conclusion. Why this subject matter is important to society and why the envisioned future version will have a greater impact on society.

For Experiment Presentations, include the scientific method:

A. A Question

B. Background Research

C. A Hypothesis

D. Test the Hypothesis,

E. Record and analyze the data and

F. Draw a conclusion.


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  1. debey says:

    I have a 7 year old who would love to join your fair .

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