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Fall 2013 Week 8



Scavenger Hunt: Learning how many steps it takes to walk 50 ft. and learning how to use coordinates to find treasure.

IMG_0507002 IMG_0508005


IMG_0512004 IMG_0514001


An Alarming Idea: Designing Alarm Circuits

What is electricity? What needs electricity to run? Electric energy becomes other types of energy.

IMG_0543003 IMG_0544002 IMG_0545001

LEGO: Building to Express

Expressing Poetry with LEGO

IMG_0516001 IMG_0518002 IMG_0520008 IMG_0521005 IMG_0522006 IMG_0523003 IMG_0524004 IMG_0525007 IMG_0526009 IMG_0527007 IMG_0528001 IMG_0529002 IMG_0531003 IMG_0532011 IMG_0533010 IMG_0534009 IMG_0535005 IMG_0536004 IMG_0537006 IMG_0538008 IMG_0539002 IMG_0540001 IMG_0541003


Conversation: Visit to the Doctor


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