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Fall 2013 Week 6



How to Catch the Wind: Designing and Testing our Windmills

The base


The Triangular Blades (at first it didn’t work because it was not balanced)

IMG_5418 (601x800)002

The Rectangular Blades

IMG_5433 (600x800)001

Watching it work in action

LEGO: Building to Express

Career Day: The kids said they want to be a Doctor, Forensic Scientist, Car Mechanic, Dentist, Tree Arborist, Scientist, Artist, Pharmacist, and Superhero.


IMG_0279010 IMG_0280008 IMG_0281004 IMG_0282005 IMG_0283009 IMG_0284002 IMG_0285001 IMG_0286003 IMG_0287007 IMG_0288006 IMG_0289012 IMG_0290011 IMG_0291001 IMG_0292004 IMG_0293009 IMG_0294006 IMG_0295012 IMG_0296011 IMG_0297008 IMG_0298007 IMG_0299005 IMG_0300010 IMG_0301003 IMG_0302002 IMG_0303003 IMG_0304001 IMG_0305009 IMG_0308002 IMG_0309008 IMG_0310004 IMG_0311014 IMG_0312005 IMG_0313011 IMG_0314012 IMG_0315013 IMG_0316010


A Review of Everything

IMG_0274001 IMG_0275003 IMG_0276002


1 Comment

  1. dwayne says:

    Awesome is absolutely correct! I could not do a windmill that goes that fast even if I tried to.

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