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Comics by Kids: Sequential Art and Character Design

Sequential work sample by Sammy Lopez

Sequential work sample by Sammy

by Sammy Lopez


$84 per student per 14 week semester (plus materials stated below), for a maximum of 10 students. Students need to have the materials listed below in order to participate in class.

In “Sequential art and Character Design” students will be able to create their own comic strip/comic book story from scratch.  Students will create their own original characters, stories and scripts, as well as a fully produced short story of their own imagination.  Brainstorming new characters, how they will interact in the students original worlds, choosing a theme for their stories with scenarios ranging from action, adventure, superhero, love, fantasy, mystery, etc.,  and understanding the how and why sequential art worlds work the way in which they do, are just some of the examples that will go into creating the students worlds.

Students will plot, sketch, revise, script, draw, ink, color, letter and produce their own comic book stories with these supplies:

  • 1 Strathmore Bristol Board Drawing pad 9 x 12 in.  (20 sheets at least)   (or an equivalent drawing pad in size and minimum paper amount)
  • 0.5 or 0.7 mechanical pencil and equivalent sized lead refills (if student prefers wood drawing pencils:  2B, 2H, 4B, 6B drawing pencils will work)
  • Pencil sharpener, pencil erasers (may vary, nothing specific)
  • 18 in. ruler
  • 2 Illustration boards or larger sized artists drawing papers:

– 20 x 30 in. Cold Press Illustration Board or
–  22 x 30 in.  White 400 Series smooth Bristol paper or
– 22 x 30 in.  Natural White 500 Series Gemini Paper (other options are available as well)

  • Any sort of 18 pack (or more ) of color pencils, markers, watercolors, gouache  (only 1 type is needed for coloring)

– if student is using watercolors or gouache, or India ink please provide a plastic palette and plastic knife

  • Inking Pens  ( Micron or Faber-Castell brand suggested) or  Crow Quill Pen and Ink

-Faber-Castell pack including:   “XS”, “F”, “B”, “M” sizes

-Micron pens sizes:  “02”, “01”, “05”

-Crow Quill pen and matte India ink bottle  (1 oz. ink bottle )

-Sharpie Brand pens and markers available as well (at least 1 fine tip, and 1 broad tipped pen)

  • Brushes  (if student is using watercolors, gouache, acrylic, or is using india ink, these brushes are recommended):

–  Flat Brush, Spotter Brush, Wash Brush, Angular Brush

(Brand and “academic level” of brush are not important, only a bit of variety for students to sample)


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