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by Carissa Leventis-Cox and Danielle Vas Guyder

$150/semester to be shared by all the students. 5 students maximum.



Each session will provide hands-on training that will be both engaging and fun. The student will be given all the materials needed and, from the first day of class, will feel like they are part of the CSI experience.

  • Jr. CSI Agents will participate in techniques used in forensic laboratories and crime scene processing.
  • Jr. CSI Agents will learn to use their natural born deductive reasoning skills and put them to the test.
  • Jr. CSI Agents will apply the science of investigation and see it in action in the field.

Some of the training the Jr. CSI Agents will acquire:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Developing and Lifting Fingerprints
  • Fiber Analysis
  • Ink Chromatography
  • Simulated synthetic blood sample testing
  • Collecting and Documenting Evidence
  • Maintaining the Chain of Custody of Evidence
  • Recalling Witnesses

Student learning objective:

  • Become aware of careers associated with forensic science
  • Collect, record, and analyze information using tools including but not limited to metric rulers, test tubes, microscopes, calculators, and field equipment
  • Extrapolate from collated information to make predictions
  • Analyze, review, and critique scientific explanations
  • Communicate valid conclusions
  • Collect data observing and measuring with precision
  • Comparative analysis
  • Recognize the role science plays in a criminal investigation
  • Study and apply the scientific method as it relates to a criminal investigation

The labs will be hands on. We will be able to simulate other crime scenes to test what our students have learned.


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  1. Danielle Guyader says:

    love this……….. but when and where?

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