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D.I.Y. for Kids


Coop parents will be present to guide. Stephanie Geolas will lead the class, but the children will choose the projects they wish to create.

Maximum of 8-10 students for the class. All ages.

Fees dependent on materials not already available in our community for free and/or through donations from our coop families.

The Goal: Kids can create what they want as a group with the materials we have.

The STEAM of it: Kids will need to use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math knowledge in order to plan, design, create, test and improve their prototypes.

The Community: Kids will learn how to work together in a multi-age environment towards their goal with parameters given.

The Inspirations: MAKE and The Tinkering School.

The Materials: Dependent on what is possible in the location we currently have. Dependent on what the kids have in mind.

The Curriculum: Where kids can learn, share their work, receive badges and be a part of the DIY kid’s movement.

The Reality: Not everyone will be working at the same level. Their creation may succeed. Their creation may also fail. This is a class that welcomes multi-ages, multi-levels, and most importantly, both success and failure.

Participants and Parents/Legal Guardians will need to sign the form below in order for your children to participate this class.


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