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Week 15 Winter 2013



Balances, Weighing Scales, Structures and Weights

IMG_6043 (600x800)006

IMG_6066 (629x800)002 IMG_6036 (600x800)001

 IMG_6019 (800x600)003 IMG_6021 (500x800)004

IMG_6015 (600x800)005


Ordering Chinese Food

IMG_0655 DSC06305002


Creating more Kits and Designing a Kicker

IMG_0656001 IMG_0658002

Engineering is Elementary

Creating a Bridge and Testing it: 5″ tall, spanning 15″, a barge has to be able to go underneath and a car has to be able to go over it.

Here you see they decided to use 4 columns made of index card and a platform held by an X frame of popsickle sticks.


The car was able to go across the center platform of paper and index cards, the barge had enough room underneath, and the bridge could hold at least 300g of weight.


The sides of the platform did cave in… stay tuned to see what they do next time!


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