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Week 13 Winter 2013



Building KNex, Numbers and Telling Time and Tangrams

IMG_0592002 IMG_0594005 IMG_0595004


Learning more characters and an art activity for learning names of people in the family.

DSC_0439001 DSC_0457003


Engineering is Elementary

Testing Triangular, Rectangular and Circular Columns: which is strongest/weakest?


Engineering is Art

Learning more about Flemish Still Life Painting Techniques.

First, looking and learning: what were the expensive colors (comparing vermilion red)? What were the differences between still life painting and portraiture?

IMG_0598007 IMG_0604006

Secondly, learning how to create glazes with transparent paint: Indian Yellow, Crimson Red, Ultramarine Blue and Sap Green:


Finally, applying them on our Still Life Paintings:

IMG_0614001 IMG_0615002 IMG_0616003


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