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Week 11 Winter 2013




Counting and Measuring with a Foot

IMG_5482 (600x800)003 IMG_5470 (600x800)004

Designing and Creating a Bed

IMG_2881 (800x766)001 photo002

And a House!

IMG_0337002 IMG_0338003


Playing a LEGO Game

IMG_0329001 IMG_0330002

Engineering is Elementary

Designing a One-Story Structure


Designing and Creating a Tower Structure

 IMG_0346001 IMG_0344002

Testing the Kid’s Tower Structures with Wind Forces

Engineering is Art

Fruits are Shapes

IMG_0361001 IMG_0366002 IMG_0371001

Introduction to Still Life Painting




Prepare for next week’s fun ‘test’.

How to Make Money in the Stock Market

Reviewed principles learned thus far.



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  1. All the kids are having so much fun while learning!!! Glad to be a part of it!!!

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