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Summer Film Club on Tim Burton


Dressing Up as the Mad Hatter

Dressing Up as Edward Scissorhands


by Co-op Parents (Carissa Leventis-Cox and Danielle Vas Guyder)

6-8 sessions during the summer.

For all ages, but note some videos we will be watching are rated PG.

iPad/iPhones required to create still shots and short videos.

Fees and Location: TBA. Contact us directly for more information.

Our sessions will include watching videos and discussions on film elements.  Creative and fun homework on the subject will be given for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.  Our sessions will consist of:

  1. Introduction to Tim Burton and Horror Films
  2. Elements of German Expressionist Films
  3. Let’s start with a Story and What is a Story Board
  4. The Burtonesque World and it’s Elements
  5. Character Analysis through Johnny Depp
  6. Analyzing a Burton Film


  1. This should be a REAL FUN time for those that follow Tim Burton and his work! This will also introduce children to the works of Vincent VanGogh, and Edger Allan Poe, and see how their artistic ways can encourage your childs creative side…..

  2. Paula Prince says:

    Would love to know more.. My son is 11 and would love this:)

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