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Week 5 Winter 2013



Math and Literacy

IMG_9482002 IMG_9483003

And of course, wanting to do what the older kids are doing!  Here building the Little Pigs’ Houses… and blowing them down!

IMG_9485006 IMG_9486004 IMG_9491007


IMG_9493001 IMG_9497001

Engineering is Elementary: Mortar and Building a Wall

We conducted a Sticky Test and an Earthquake Test. Below is our Earthquake Test. We found that soil and sand did not stick as well as clay and clay was a good glue but it was brittle.


The kids will be building their walls for homework and decided they would create the best mortar by mixing sand, soil and clay together to combine their best properties.  They also planned how to build their walls. One student thought piling stones on top would be OK, one student staggered their stones.


They did a Poke Test to figure out which wall would be stronger and everyone agreed their wall would need to have staggered stones.

IMG_9475003 IMG_9478005

Engineering is Art: Finishing Up Landscapes and Encaustic Self-Portraits

Applying glazes to the top layer to create depth:

IMG_9505011 IMG_9506004


IMG_9514008 IMG_9520007

IMG_9522005 IMG_9523006

Transferring Self-Portraits on to Wood Panels

IMG_9524010 IMG_9525009 IMG_9526012

Applying Encaustic Paint: this is only the first layer.

IMG_9537002 IMG_9538013 IMG_9540003

How to Make Money in the Stock Market


Our student opened a brokerage account and is in the process of depositing money.

We have moved from understanding the basic theory of supply and demand curves to examining the income statement as a way to understand changes in a stock’s price.


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