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Week 4 Winter 2013

Junior Lego League: Help Our Chosen Senior Citizen By Bringing Him Happiness

Working on Mr. Jim’s Pigeon Coop


Working on Mr. Jim’s Fountain/Waterfall for the Garden


Working on Mr. Jim’s Landscaping


Working on Mr. Jim’s Garden Machinery (Garden Wheelchair, Sprinkler System)




Engineering is Elementary: What is a Materials Engineer?

Looking at the Dry and Wet Properties of Clay, Sand and Soil

IMG_9400003  IMG_9402007

Creating Mortar Sandwiches Out of Clay, Sand and Soil (we test it next week)


Engineering is Art: Different Types of Paint

Making Encaustic Paint with Pigment and Wax

 IMG_9410010 IMG_9409004

Making Tempera Paint with Egg

 IMG_9412002 IMG_9414001

Making Acrylic Paint with Medium


The Difference Between Encaustic and Acrylic


Trying to Finish Up Our Landscapes


IMG_9438003 IMG_9439004

IMG_9440008 IMG_9441009

Bottling Our Pigments from Our Own Backyards


Math Video of the Week

Multiplying Double Digits with a Magic Trick


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  1. My daughter spent the weekend playing with her favorite toys while singing the Chinese song she learned in class…!!! She really LOVES the class with School of the Minds…!!!

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