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Week 3 Winter 2013


Preschool: Building

Their Simple Machines.

IMG_9296003 IMG_9295001

Creating and Designing LEGO Tops

IMG_9303002 IMG_9302004 IMG_9301001

Junior Lego League: Help Our Chosen Senior Citizen By Bringing Him Happiness

Bring a Mining Activity and a Crystal Garden to Mr. Jim.  Build Mr. Jim a Wheelchair.

IMG_9259002 IMG_9260005 IMG_9263003 IMG_9265001 IMG_9266004

Bringing Mr. Jim’s Garden to him.

IMG_9284002 IMG_9287004 IMG_9288005 IMG_9291003 IMG_9292006



Engineering is Elementary: What is a Materials Engineer?

Click here for Toontastic Video.

Engineering is Art: Different Types of Paint

Making our own pigment from soil from our backyards.

IMG_9305006 IMG_9310008 IMG_9318004

Creating our own oil paint and adding beeswax to it.


Adding egg yolk and water to the same pigment.

IMG_9331005 IMG_9335003 IMG_9336001

Creating landscapes (foreground, middle ground and background) and transferring the image to wood.

IMG_9343003 IMG_9345005 IMG_9350002 IMG_9351004

Collage: “Painting” the foreground with different materials.

IMG_9356006 IMG_9361001 IMG_9362002 IMG_9364001


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