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To Get to the Other Side: Designing Bridges


by Carissa Leventis-Cox

$50/student. Materials included.  Maximum of 10 students.  Classes will be held 11:00 – 12:00 Fridays, March 8 – April 19, 2013

We will be using the Museum of Science in Boston’s Engineering is Elementary® (EiE) curriculum for Grades 1 to 4 to foster engineering and technological literacy.  Our students will learn problem solving, inquiry and innovation through:

  • a storybook of a child in a different country that introduces an engineering problem (includes a lesson in geography)
  • learning to solve a problem similar to that in the storybook
  • a hands-on engineering design challenge that requires science and math
  • create and improve on their designs.

This unit will be about how to Get to the Other Side: Designing Bridges.  We will be looking at civil engineering and different types of bridges. The kids will be able to understand the need for different types of bridges, build them and test them.  They will learn more about balance and motion, and how bridges counteract and redirect forces and motion.

Homework will include fun projects, such as creating their own videos (through Toontastic, Lego Movie, Power Point or other app) to show their understanding of the material and uploading it on youtube to share with the class.

IMPORTANT: there are prerequisites.  Your child must have knowledge of Balance and Motion.  FOSS Connection: Balance and Motion must be completed before the first day of class.


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