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Atomic Theory – From Greeks to Current Geeks


by Christopher Leventis Cox


Can I walk through walls, predict the future, or really be sure something is dead?

By understanding how atoms are structured and theories about how atoms interact, we can attempt to answer these questions. Material will be presented to class via PowerPoint presentations. Topics include:

  • History of Atomic Theory (Greeks, Dalton, Rutherford, etc.)
  • Current Atomic Theory (Heisenberg, Schrodinger, etc)
  • Atomic Structure (particles & subatomic particles)
  • Properties (energy levels, Atomic #, mass, forces)
  • Current Theory, Structure & Properties and Superpowers (mind powers, walking through walls, etc.)

Class will be taught in a Socratic type method to develop critical thinking. Students are expected to write, look, and listen often at the same time. There is no text book.  The final quiz is based on the slides presented during class.  You will need a notebook and pen/a computer to take notes.

Mr. Leventis Cox has taught science classes at the middle school and college level.  Voted best teacher multiple times, his methods have also been observed by others as a best practice.


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